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About Us.

The commodities market is not an easy place to navigate. From securing a reliable vendor, to executing an officially recognized escrow agreement, the requirements for a safe and secure transaction are not something most investors are interested in dealing with.

That’s why we are here.

Keeper of the Dragon’s, LLC., brings decades of experience in the commodities and financial market to our clients, allowing them to rely on us for the hard work, while they reap the benefits of their efforts.


Our Focus

We understand what a client wants, Success.


The first step to success is a careful analysis of the transaction, International requirements, and trade restrictions.


Once the basics have been done, often an onsite inspection of the desired product is required.


When the product has been verified, then it’s time to secure a legally binding Escrow and Performance Bond.

Receiving Product

With the hard part out of the way, the final step is a simple case of sitting back and receiving your product.

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Why select us?

We understand your needs, and go the extra step to provide an unsurpassed business experience.

Business Growth

Our goal is to take the position of an in-house logistics and finance department. Our services allow you to focus on your own clients, while we focus on you.

Cost Efficient

We make money when you make money. Our fee’s are worked into the commissions you receive from your transactions.

Ultimate Perfection

Not satisfied with the products you currently receive? Our network of reliable vendors, from Sugar to Silver, allow us to find you the best fit for your requirements.

Smart Experience

Each member of our team is specialized for the field you seek. Our knowledge of the arena helps you avoid the pitfalls of a hard learning curve.

Strict Deadline

The moment your money goes into play, the market becomes your biggest risk. This means it’s our job to get your product to its destination without delay.


When you utilize our services, your success is our success. From building a reliable network of vendors, to employing trusted shipping companies, every member of a transaction starts benefits from your success.

Start your journey with us now